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Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Sheet Metal Parts and Assemblies, ElectroMechanical Assemblies, Consoles

You want products that are reliable and reasonably priced. We are a cohesive team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who will perform beyond your expectations to win your trust and deliver the best product possible.

Our fully equipped facilities and highly trained, experienced staff can produce electromechanical subassemblies from your drawings, samples, or stated requirements.

Let our continuous improvement, innovation, top level engineering  and quality craftsmanship be your guarantee of the best quality  products and services.

Products and Services

     Design & Engineering
     Prototype through production
     Electromechanical assemblies
     New product/process introduction capability
     Turnkey production
     Box build assemblies
     System packaging and integration
     Chassis, cabinets, and frames
     Mechanical  assemblies
     Back planes
     Packaging and interconnect design engineering


     Complete product design support
     CAD electromechanical and tooling design
     CAD engineering documentation
     Test automation for functional and system level
     Biomed devices
     Cost reduction program
     Just-in-time delivery (Kanban)

Contract Manufacturing
Gain new flexibility to encourage growth, while raising the quality control standard to gain a competitive advantage.

     In-house ECO process to ensure timely implementation of the latest requirements  of our customers
     Continuous improvement processes and engineering responses
     Continuous employee training processes
    Control of your information and resources.
     Complete material requirement planning and reporting for fast response to our customers' needs
     Capacity resource planning
     Real-time job tracking with bar code system

Extend your reach with global procurement capabilities and partnerships with distributors.

     Reduced cycle times during ramp-up and production phases
     Reduced risks and liabilities through stocking services
     Ultimate flexibility in schedule and design changes

Our  obsession with quality ensures your success. Our specialization means streamlined procedures and experience that save you money.

We are your Single Source for all your turnkey manufacturing needs.

Our Advantages
We have a long standing tradition of providing contract manufacturing services to OEMs. The advantage of contract manufacturing for you our customer is that you get to focus on the conception, design, marketing and sales of your new products while we assume the responsibility of actually building them for you. Here are just a few of the things  we can do for you so you don't have to:

     We maintain the manufacturing facilities, warehouse and shop floor.
     We purchase and maintain cutting edge equipment and technologies.
     We hire, train and maintain a highly motivated engineering and manufacturing  staff
     We select purchase and maintain inventory parts
     And we do all this expertly and due to economies of scale very cost  effectively


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